How it works

Alice allows you to set up a standup for your team and collect standup from team members, and deliver summary to the team and other interested colleagues. Basically, you will tell Alice

  • Which Slack channel you want to organize a daily standup?
  • Who participates in the standup?
  • What do you want to interview each team members? You can select a set of common questions or define your own questions. 
  • What time/day do you want to start the standup?. Alice will interview each team members a hour (up to your settings) before the standup time.

Once a standup is created, Alice will do the rest to organize your team standup.

Add Alice to Slack

First, you need to add Alice to Slack by click in the below button:

Add to Slack

Alternatively, visit to see more option. Alice requires a few permissions to properly operate. 

Create a standup

After adding Alice to Slack (or sign in for next times), you will be landed to

  • Click on "Create a Standup"
  • Select a channel that you want to organize your standup. 
  • Select members that will join the standup. You can select all members in the selected channel (and daily auto-update) or invite one by one.
  • Click on "Create" button

At this point, your standup is created with default options, including the most common interview questions and starting at 11:00 every weekday. You can modify those default options to cope with your team.

Modify a standup

Click on "Edit" in a standup to modify a standup settings. A standup editor assists you to modify options in 4 tabs of the selected standup as described below


  • Which channel do you want to organize your daily standup?: channels where the summaries are posted
  • Who attends?:
    • Members in the channel: All members in the channel participate in the standup. As members are joined and leaved over time, Alice updates member lists daily
    • Selected members: only selected members participate in the standup.


  • Define a list of questions that Alice will interview each members. You can select common questions suggested by prominent Scrum masters or define your own questions that are suitable for your team context. You can define at least one question and up to 5 questions.


  • Timezone: select the timezone of your team. If your team members live in different timezones and multi-timezones is enabled, this setting uses for members who doesn't select their timezones.
  • Which days in a week do you want to organize a standup?: days that the standup will be held.
  • What's the best time to post stand-up report: time that Alice sends standup summary.
  • Alice reminds each participants: Alice sends the first reminder with a question to ask team members to enter his/her standup. Usually, it happens 1 hours before the post time. You can select a value from the dropdown.


  • Multi-timezones: If enabled, Alice reminds team members in their own timezones and sends separated summary for each timezone. This option is recommended for multi-timezone teams.
  • Thread conversation: If enabled, Alice creates a thread for each day and send standup summary into the thread. If you team is big, the summary is usually long and people need to scroll up and down to read. This option is helpful to avoid that issue. Recommended for team of 6+ members.
  • Async report delivery: If enabled, summary is sent as soon as a team member completed his/her standup. 
  • No Slack @here mention: If disabled, no @here mention in summary when sending to channels.
  • Report format
    • Group by question (default): summary grouped by questions
    • Group by user: summary grouped by users
  • Also deliver report to following emails: standup summaries will send to selected emails, useful for users who are not in Slack, but want to read the summaries.
  • Also deliver reports to following channels: standup summaries will send to other channels, useful for other teams who want to know what happens on this team

Delete a standup

Click on "Delete" in a standup to modify a standup settings. A confirmation dialog will ask you to confirm the deletion. If you decide to delete, conversation and other data from this standup will be also deleted.