Standup Alice supports a few commands to help you easily manage your standups in channels.

Channel commands

As a requirement of Microsoft Teams bot, you must mention @Standup Alice in order to send commands to Alice, for example @Standup Alice Status.

  • @Standup Alice StandupOn: set the current standup on in the channel. It also creates a new standup with default settings. 
    • Who participates: all members in the channel will be in the standup
    • What: default standup questions: What did you do yesterday?/What will you do today?/Are there any impediments in your way?
    • When: every workday at 10h, Alice reminds at 9h and again at 9h30. You must set your timezone for Alice working properly.

                 You are freely to change your standup settings.   

  • @Standup Alice StandupPause: set the current standup pause state.
  • @Standup Alice Status: view current standup settings.
  • @Standup Alice help: see help