Alice helps you to run daily standup for your team. 

How Standup Alice works

Standup Alice stays in a Microsoft Teams channel and helps teams to run their daily standups in a simple concept:

  • Everyday, Standup Alice sends a reminder to each participant to enter their standup in their private chat. Standup Alice then asks standup's questions and collects participant's answers.
  • At standup time, Standup Alice creates a summary and sends back to team's channel.

Standup Alice is highly customizable and offers a lot of options. To set up a standup in a channel, you first need to add Standup Alice bot into Microsoft Teams' Team.

This short video demonstrates how to setup a standup for Microsoft Teams

Add Standup Alice to a channel

Please follow this link to install Standup Alice. 

Alternatively, follow below step to add Alice to a channel

  1. Open app store
  2. Type "Standup Alice" in the search box, select "Standup Alice

Once Alice is added to your team, you can set up your first standup in a channel using commands

Set up a standup

As the nature of daily standup, we suggest to set up your standup in a separate channel within your Microsoft Teams. After deciding which channel to run your daily standup, go to that channel and send:

@Standup Alice StandupOn

The above command will create a standup with default settings, including

  • Who: all members in the selected channel.
  • What: a few questions that Standup Alice asks each team member to start their standup
  • When: time that Standup Alice sends questions to team members and builds standup reports
  • Advanced: a couple of settings.

We strongly recommend you to review and customize your standup to be suitable to your team context and usage.

You can checkout other channel commands here

Standup conversations

Standup Alice automatically sends reminders to participants with the first question as you defined in your standup settings. Participants can reply to Standup Alice's question and follow-up questions to complete their standup. 

They can optionally select quick replies such as "Late", "Skip", "Day off", "Sick", "Vacation". For each quick reply, you can change your reply later:

  • Late: when you are busy or couldn't send your standup, you can chat with Alice and send your standup later even after your standup time. If you submit your standup after your standup time, it will deliver to the channel immediately.
  • Skip: Yes, you can skip a standup. Alice will report to the team that you skip it. However, you can change your mind and complete your standup just by sending Alice a message. You then need to follow the conversation to complete it.
  • Day off: Just a day off, and Alice will remind you in the next day
  • Vacation: Alice won't remind you until you tell Alice that your vacation is over. To do that, just send Alice a "hi" message when you're back from vacation, Alice will confirm without for your vacation status
  • Sick: similar to "Vacation", you can send a "hi" message when you get back to work.

Standup summaries

Standup Alice sends a summary of standups that she collects from all participants and send back to the channel at the time defined in "When" tab. You can also check standup history in the web app as well.